This lesson's video and accompanying textbook section help you learn Ladakhi words for some colours.Besides the basic colour terms (white, black, red, yellow, green, blue), we have also included some colours that do not have a proper Ladakhi equivalent.

Thus, we teach you the word གུ་ལ་བི་ gulabi `pink', which happens to be an Urdu word (besides the name of the colour, it also means `rose'; the spelling in Tibetan script was invented by the students). For some English colour terms, the students were not able to come up with their genuine Ladakhi equivalents, but came up with expressions that one could use: brown thus became ཤིང་རང་ shingrang `wood colour', dark brown or grey བོང་རང་ bongrang `donkey colour' and light orange ལག་པའི་རང་ lakpe rang `the colour of a hand'.

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